Using crowdsourcing for microtasking… but ¿which microtasks?

Microtasks, as I posted long before, are an easy way to start using crowdsourcing. But here in Spain these platforms never get off the ground at all. In this post I raise some explanations and list a number of microtasks that today are beign posted in microtasking platforms. Sigue leyendo

Visiting Brusells to participate in a crowdsourcing Workshop

The invitation to go to Brussels as a crowdsourcing expert has given me the opportunity to retake old crowdsourcing issues and, ultimately, to retake the development of this blog. I’m back. Hello again ; )
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Gamification as motivator in crowdsourcing initiatives

Motivation is one of the key points when planning a crowdsourcing initiative. But, what if the task proposed does not have any intrinsic motivation per se? What happens if you can not reward with money because lack of resources? In these cases, if the initiative fits the requirements, gamification can be a good choice. Sigue leyendo

The legislative situation of crowdfunding in Spain: the “Promotion of Corporate Financing” law

The Spanish government published over a week ago the draft of the law that will regulate the equity-based and lending-based crowdfunding. Here I discuss the draft, highlighting what I consider are the pros and the cons. Sigue leyendo