Using crowdsourcing to teach machines?

Moral dilemmas are situations in which there is no “good choice”: any decision you take will imply a damage for someone (that’s the dilemma). To get a generalized view of how the crowd believes that an autonomous car should behave, the MIT created the crowdsourcing initiative “Moral Machine”. Sigue leyendo

New crowdsourcing types?

Not only crowdfunding evolves, but also crowdsourcing in general. There are authors who affirm that there are 3 types of different crowdsourcing: direct, collaborative and passive. In this post I briefly outline what I believe has been the evolution of crowdsourcing (at conceptual level) and analyze each of the types proposed by these authors, giving my opinion about it. Sigue leyendo

When the crowd trolls

In many cases, crowdsourcing initiatives don’t work as it should. But it’s not the promoter’s fault nor because the circumstances. Sometimes it’s just that the crowd (or an important part of it) decides not to help but boycotting the initiatives with the most crazy results. Sigue leyendo

Crowdfunding continues evolving

The evolution of crowdsourcing is unstoppable. Once has become popular in some sector, continues to advance to another. In the case of crowdfunding, this evolution, because their use is increasingly widespread, is faster. In this case I analyze a type of crowdfunding that, although popular and common in the US, is relatively new in Spain. Sigue leyendo

The ethic of crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is a process that involves the participation of a lot of people, so it is important to be clear about the possible ethical implications of its use. In this post I discuss which aspects of crowdsourcing must be taken into account in order to assess these possible consequences. Sigue leyendo

Collecting product prices in Africa using crowdsourcing (II)

About rewards When you ask for a task like this, you have to be aware that you are asking for a task that people do not usually do. And you also have to be aware that people normally expect a … Sigue leyendo