Crowdfunding continues evolving

The evolution of crowdsourcing is unstoppable. Once has become popular in some sector, continues to advance to another. In the case of crowdfunding, this evolution, because their use is increasingly widespread, is faster. In this case I analyze a type of crowdfunding that, although popular and common in the US, is relatively new in Spain. Sigue leyendo

The ethic of crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is a process that involves the participation of a lot of people, so it is important to be clear about the possible ethical implications of its use. In this post I discuss which aspects of crowdsourcing must be taken into account in order to assess these possible consequences. Sigue leyendo

Collecting product prices in Africa using crowdsourcing (I)

The workshop about price collection in Africa was very interesting, but we would have needed at least one more day for reaching more conclusions. In this post (and in the next one) I expose some thoughts about it. In this post in concrete, I talk about the problem involving the specific location of markets and the problems of the low integration of new technologies. Sigue leyendo

Using crowdsourcing for microtasking… but ¿which microtasks?

Microtasks, as I posted long before, are an easy way to start using crowdsourcing. But here in Spain these platforms never get off the ground at all. In this post I raise some explanations and list a number of microtasks that today are beign posted in microtasking platforms. Sigue leyendo

Visiting Brusells to participate in a crowdsourcing Workshop

The invitation to go to Brussels as a crowdsourcing expert has given me the opportunity to retake old crowdsourcing issues and, ultimately, to retake the development of this blog. I’m back. Hello again ; )
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