Crowdopolis – an interview to David Bratvold

In my last post I talked about “Crowdopolis” and I put an interview to one of the speakers of the conference, David Alan Grier.

David Bratvold, Daily Crowdsource CEO

In this post I’m going to put another interview I’ve made to other person related to Crowdopolis: David Bratvold. David B. is the CEO and founder of Daily Crowdsource that is, as I explained in the last post, the #1 site for crowdsourcing news… in which, by the way, I have published my first invited post, in this case about crowdsourcing definition 😉 David is the organizer of Crowdopolis and is the one who knows all the secrets about the conference.

Here you can read the interview:

Question: How / why did you conceptualize and launch Crowdopolis?

Answer: We’ve gotten a ton of requests from people that want to learn about crowdsourcing from an objective party. We’re the largest neutral voice in crowdsourcing and our goal is to help large enterprises grow & prosper with the help of crowdsourcing initiatives.

Q.: Why is the conference focused only in big companies?

A.: Large enterprises need to see how other companies are already employing crowdsourcing. In the next 5-10 years, we’re going to see some businesses charge ahead or fall behind based on whether or not they’re crowdsourcing; a lot like outsourcing changed organizational operations in the 90’s. Big companies that utilize crowdsourcing will see a massive surge in productivity and, as a result, decreased costs.

Q.: Among all the uses that can be made of crowdsourcing, why have you choose to focus on “content marketing, advertising and tech”?

A.: Content marketing, advertising & tech are the largest fields that have seen major impacts in the crowdsourcing space.  A few examples include companies crowdsourcing website content & commercials for the Super Bowl, to even tapping the crowd to help find the cure for cancer.

Q.: Among the models of crowdsourcing, the crowdfunding is currently the most relevant one. Will it be treated at any point in the conference?

A.: At this point we’re not covering crowdfunding as it’s too small of a market and the conference is aimed at Fortune 1000 managers.

Q.: About crowdfunding, why do you think that it is so successful? Which future do you think is awaiting crowdfunding?

A.: I think it’s successful because it’s giving opportunities to very creative individuals to bring their original ideas & innovations into reality.  A lot of really cool things are out there, and the really interesting ones are getting funded.


  1. I think content marketing is a good place to start with crowdsourcing because of the marketers who pioneered the field. Marketing is one type of business which has not been afraid to try new things and looks towards efficiency rather than habit. Looking forward to learning more about it at Crowdopolis.

  2. Crowdsourcing can best taught by people who have already crowdsourced their business or idea. This is because they know the mistakes that new entrepreneurs in the crowdsourcing business make . But they wouldn’t want to divulge their important business secrets which leads to vicious circle.

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