Interview with founders is an special crowdfunding example. According to their website, Goteo is a collective financing (here crowdfunding) and distributed collaboration (services, infrastructure, other resources, microtasking, etc.) social network. Its goal is that the financed initiatives could get developed independently, and also in some way, could contribute to the development of the commons, free knowledge and / or open source.

Projects funded through Goteo should have two characteristics:

  1. The goal of the project should have a social, cultural, scientific, educational, technological or ecological nature.
  2. The project should try to improve society and the enrichment of goods and common resources.

When participating in Goteo, you can do it in three ways:

  • As agent driver, which is one that introduces a project with the characteristics described above (crowdsourcer).
  • As co-financing agent, which is the one who mades ​​financial contributions to a project, receiving in return (as it can not be otherwise in crowdsourcing) collective returns and individual rewards (crowdworker who contributes with money).
  • As collaborating agent, which is the most innovative figure and which is the one who participates with resources, time, energy and / or capabilities (crowdworker who contributes with its skills, etc.).

Goteo carries crowdfunding one step further, not only by interest in the common good, but because it exceeds the bounds of crowdfunding, allowing to participate not only with money but with the own skills.

Because of its peculiarity, from, platform with which I have been collaborating for some time, they asked me if I could get in touch with people to make a mini-interview. To see the interview in english, go to the editorial.

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