Why talk about crowdsourcing?

In a Community Manager course, Elena Benito, founder and community manager of Ubikuos, explained what a blog is useful for: to let the people know your knowledge about certain subject in which you’re an expert, or at least, are on your way… maybe she didn’t say that exactly, but that was the idea I saved… that is the reason why my old blog was abandoned: I had nothing to say.

Now what? Do I have something to say? Am I an “expert” in something or am I on my way to achieve that point of knowledge? For some time, due to the completion of my PhD thesis, what I’m learning more, talking, studying and practicing soon, it’s about Crowdsourcing.

On the one hand it seems to me a really interesting topic, with many possibilities, that is being hardly used in Spain (compared with U.S.A.).

On the other hand, I think that there is so much confusion about the term. As I have been reading articles, documents, books, blogs and more, I’ve realized that, in many cases, each author defends a different type of crowdsourcing. Some say that it is an obvious type of open innovation while others say (of course) that no way, it is a clear case of outsourcing… and the same happens with co-creationcollective intelligence and other related terms (although not equal). When you talk about crowdsourcing examples of crowdsourcing, there are some that are conflicting WikipediaYouTubeDelicious… are they or are not crowdsourcing? Here everyone has an opinion that obviouslydepends on their understanding of crowdsourcing … I also I have mine, but well founded.

In this blog, my intention is to write about my “findings” about crowdsourcing, my investigations, articles, success stories,interesting articles, etc..

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