Crowdsourcing and Collective Intelligence

As I said on other posts, crowdsourcing is related and feeds from a group of terms such as Open Innovation, Collective Intelligence or Co-Creation. In this post I’m going to clarify the relationship between collective intelligence and crowdsourcing. Sigue leyendo

Types of crowdsourcing initiatives

In the current literature there are different typologies of crowdsourcing initiatives based on different criteria. Howe, Brabham and others propose their own. In this post I discuss the integrated typology I have developed and published with my PhD supervisor. Sigue leyendo

My first crowdsourcing initiative

After much study, it is time to put everything I’ve learned into practice. Here I explain the first initiative of crowdsourcing that I’ve designed and I’m carrying out in a SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) from Valencia, Spain. Sigue leyendo

About motivation factors in crowdsourcing

When carrying out a task, the motivation is one of the most important factors that will condition the final outcome. Regarding crowdsourcing, the motivation will condition the outcome but also the participation in the initiative. Here I comment some motivational factors, already identified in 1976 by G. Oldham. Sigue leyendo

Why YouTube or Delicious are not crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing has been traditionally associated with platforms like Delicious and YouTube. Thus, the term has grown linked to these “crowdsourcing” cases… the problem is that, in my opinion, any of them is a crowdsourcing platform Sigue leyendo

Quid pro quo

When discerning whether a given initiative on the Internet is crowdsourcing or not, you can analyze different characteristics. Besides, you can check if two principles are accomplished. One of them is the quid pro quo principle. Have you ever heard this latin expression? Sigue leyendo