“6th AAAI Human Computation and Crowdsourcing” Program Committee meeting in Cambridge

Among the international conferences focused in the crowdsourcing issue, there are two that specially stand out (and that I have incorporated as links on the sidebar of the web):

  1. The AAAI Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing
  2. Collective Intelligence

As a novelty, both conferences will be celebrated in Europe this year, more specifically in Zurich (Switzerland).

The fact is that this year I have been invited to be part of the Program Committee of the “6th IAAA Conference on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing”, co-chaired by Yiling Chen and Gabriella Kazai. My task, like that of the other members of the committee, has been to review a series of papers together with other members, in such a way that each article had 3 reviewers.

Microsoft Research Center in Cambridge

With the articles already reviewed and with our ratings on them registered, we have held two meetings on Friday 23 and Saturday 24. Part of the committee have meet (including myself) at the Microsoft Research Center in the city of Cambridge (UK), while the rest of the committee has attended the University of Harvard (USA). Connected by Skype, we have worked to selected the papers that will be presented at the conference in July.

The experience has been great. I take out many things: to know what is current in Human Computation research, to know first hand how the paper selection process works, etc.

However, what I liked most by far, has been to meet and work closely with other great crowdsourcing researchers as Gabriella Kazai (co-chair de la conferencia), Lora Aroyo (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Chris Welty (Google), Fabian Flöck (Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences), Brent Hecht (Northwestern University), Elena Simperl (University of Southampton) or Julián Urbano (Delft University of Technology), among others.

Cambridge Trinity College

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