When the crowd is not so intelligent (part 3): Boston Marathon bombing Investigation

To end this series of posts, we examine the last of the factors that may affect crowdsourcing initiatives and a number of conclusions will be listed. Could be the motivation that drives the crowd the guilty of what happened? What do you think? Sigue leyendo

When the crowd is not so intelligent (part 2): Boston Marathon bombing Investigation

As discussed in the previous post, the crowdsourcing initiative launched by the FBI after the Boston bombing was a success and the one that emerged from the crowd was a failure. Which are the factors, the reasons, that made one work and the other not? Which were the differences between the two processes? In this post we start to analyze these factors. Sigue leyendo

When the crowd is not so intelligent (part 1): Boston Marathon bombing Investigation

Crowdsourcing does not always work and this fact can have disastrous consecuences to some people. In this post (1of 3), I comment the two crowdsourcing processes arised when the Boston Marathon bombing, one led by the FBI and other naturally emerged, each with completely different results. Sigue leyendo