How to estimate the budget of a crowdfunding project

One of the key points when you want a crowdfunding project to be successfull is to correctly calculate the amount requested. Although it may seem very simple, various elements which increase the budget significantly must be taken into account. Sigue leyendo

Ethics issues of creative crowdsourcing – part 2 (Final Round)

I conclude with this post the series about the “Graphic Designers Vs. Creative Crowdsourcing” conflict. Here I analyze two more problems that implies the use of creative crowdsourcing and I give a couple of ideas as conclusions about the origins of the various issues discussed. Sigue leyendo

The other side of crowdsourcing: disadvantages, costs and complications.

For a global perspective about the use of crowdsourcing in a company, it is essential to also take into account any limitations, problems or complications that may involve its use. Completing the last post, here I discuss the disadvantages and problems associated with crowdsourcing. Sigue leyendo