There are more people apart designers angry with creative crowdsourcing

Creative crowdsourcing generates problems not only to designers, but to anyone working in the audiovisual business. I realized about this problem in the ZINC SHOWER, thanks to an interview someone did to me. This post raises a question: what must have, and not have, a creative crowdsourcing platform to be accepted by industry professionals? Sigue leyendo

Where is my crowd? – Lessons learned II

 When planning a crowdsourcing initiative, one of the most important aspects that needs to be attended, and that is critical for the successful completion of the initiative, is the creation of a large enough crowd. But where can you find that crowd? Sigue leyendo

Graphic designers Vs Creative Crowdsourcing – Round 2

Here comes the second round of “Graphic designers Vs Creative Crowdsourcing”. If in the first round we asked different questions to a graphic designer, now is time to allow someone from a creative crowdsourcing platform to talk. Since Adtriboo is being one of the most criticized platforms, who better to answer our questions that one of its founders?. Sigue leyendo

Crowdsourcing landscape in Spain

When talking about crowdsourcing, paradigmatic examples as Threadless and InnoCentive are often used . But these are often far from our reality, and even more if you are from another country. In the case of Spain, ¿which crowdsourcing platforms exist?In this post I have designed an infographic that tries to answer this question. Sigue leyendo

Carlos Jean’s “Plan B”

(Español) Mientras preparo un post sobre el estado del crowdsourcing en el territorio español, no me puedo resistir a hacer un comentario sobre “El Plan B” de Carlos Jean. Seguramente, este es uno de los casos más claros de crowdsourcing y que mejor están funcionando. Sigue leyendo