Crowdfunding continues evolving

The evolution of crowdsourcing is unstoppable. Once has become popular in some sector, continues to advance to another. In the case of crowdfunding, this evolution, because their use is increasingly widespread, is faster. In this case I analyze a type of crowdfunding that, although popular and common in the US, is relatively new in Spain. Sigue leyendo

The legislative situation of crowdfunding in Spain: the “Promotion of Corporate Financing” law

The Spanish government published over a week ago the draft of the law that will regulate the equity-based and lending-based crowdfunding. Here I discuss the draft, highlighting what I consider are the pros and the cons. Sigue leyendo

How to join crowdfunding, [open] innovation and wisdom of crowds: IBM 1×5 project

Crowdfunding is usually more appropriate for people with projects, entrepreneurs, etc.. but it is not clear how can it fit within a large company. In this post the IBM 1×5 project is analyzed, a clear example of how crowdfunding can be used within a large company and how it can be used for more than just funding projects. Sigue leyendo

Family is the most important thing… also in crowdfunding

As in “The Godfather” movie, in crowdfunding also happens that “the family is the most important thing” (to some extent). The well-known phenomenon of the three Fs, which occurs in other types of investment, has a special importance in crowdfunding. Find out why. Sigue leyendo

The use of smartphones in crowdsourcing initiatives

When you think of launching a crowdsourcing initiative, you usually think about how to get the crowd, the Internet media to be used: a website, social networking, twitter, facebook, etc.. but you must also think about the use of mobile devices and the potential involvement they may have in crowdsourcing initiatives. Sigue leyendo

Which social network shall I use to promote my crowdfunding initiative?

When you want to promote a crowdfunding project, it is clear that it must be done using all possible means. However, it is true that, depending on the project, those mean could vary. In terms of social networks: which one to use and for what? Sigue leyendo