There are more people apart designers angry with creative crowdsourcing

Creative crowdsourcing generates problems not only to designers, but to anyone working in the audiovisual business. I realized about this problem in the ZINC SHOWER, thanks to an interview someone did to me. This post raises a question: what must have, and not have, a creative crowdsourcing platform to be accepted by industry professionals? Sigue leyendo

CROWDFEST: crowdfunding session in Madrid

Conferences and congresses about crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are already a reality. Many of them are held in the United States, but also begin to take place in Europe (Italy, Germany, etc..). But, what about Spain? For now, none has been celebrated here, but the crowdsourcing begins to slip into other events such as ZINC SHOWER. Sigue leyendo

Ethics issues of creative crowdsourcing – part 2 (Final Round)

I conclude with this post the series about the “Graphic Designers Vs. Creative Crowdsourcing” conflict. Here I analyze two more problems that implies the use of creative crowdsourcing and I give a couple of ideas as conclusions about the origins of the various issues discussed. Sigue leyendo

Ethics issues of creative crowdsourcing – part 1 (Final Round)

As summer gives me a little break, here it’s the first part of the final round of “Creative Crowdsourcing Vs. Graphic Designers”. Here I discuss some problems / weaknesses that undermine crowdsourcing, and that can be easily found in creative crowdsourcing. Sigue leyendo

Graphic designers Vs Creative Crowdsourcing – Round 2

Here comes the second round of “Graphic designers Vs Creative Crowdsourcing”. If in the first round we asked different questions to a graphic designer, now is time to allow someone from a creative crowdsourcing platform to talk. Since Adtriboo is being one of the most criticized platforms, who better to answer our questions that one of its founders?. Sigue leyendo

Graphic designers Vs Creative Crowdsourcing – Round 1

Lately it is building quite a stir with the theme of creative crowdsourcing here in Spain. It is clear that appealing to the crowd often involves (at most) not to appeal to professionals. In the case of creative crowdsourcing, those affected are the designers and design studios. What do they exactly say about this? Find out. Sigue leyendo