About rewards and motivation (Lessons learned I)

The realization of the crowdsourcing initiative I’ve launched, apart from allowing me to finish my thesis, is also allowing me to learn many things about the real application of crowdsourcing. Here I comment some thoughts about the rewards offered and the motivation of the users. Sigue leyendo

Crowdsourcing and Collective Intelligence

As I said on other posts, crowdsourcing is related and feeds from a group of terms such as Open Innovation, Collective Intelligence or Co-Creation. In this post I’m going to clarify the relationship between collective intelligence and crowdsourcing. Sigue leyendo

My first crowdsourcing initiative

After much study, it is time to put everything I’ve learned into practice. Here I explain the first initiative of crowdsourcing that I’ve designed and I’m carrying out in a SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) from Valencia, Spain. Sigue leyendo

Crowdsourcing landscape in Spain

When talking about crowdsourcing, paradigmatic examples as Threadless and InnoCentive are often used . But these are often far from our reality, and even more if you are from another country. In the case of Spain, ¿which crowdsourcing platforms exist?In this post I have designed an infographic that tries to answer this question. Sigue leyendo

Interview with Goteo.org founders

Goteo.org is a special crowdfunding example that allows, not only co-fund, but also collaborate in other ways in creative projects that promote the common good. In this post, I’ll introduce its main characteristics and I also transcribe the interview I made to the people of Goteo.org for crowdsourcing.org. Sigue leyendo

Carlos Jean’s “Plan B”

(Español) Mientras preparo un post sobre el estado del crowdsourcing en el territorio español, no me puedo resistir a hacer un comentario sobre “El Plan B” de Carlos Jean. Seguramente, este es uno de los casos más claros de crowdsourcing y que mejor están funcionando. Sigue leyendo