Crowdfunding: what is it and which different types exist

Within the crowdsourcing, the crowdfunding model is getting a lot of attention from the media in general. Due to the economic crisis and due to the difficulty in obtaining credit, crowdfunding appears as a suitable method for financing. But what exactly is crowdfunding? What kind of projects can be launched? What kind of rewards can be offered? We begin here a series of posts about crowdfunding, to study it in depth. Sigue leyendo

Crowdsourcing and Gamification

Last week, Manuel Cebrián (from the M.I.T.) gave an interesting lecture about crowdsourcing and gamification in the ISDI (Superior Institute for the Internet Development). Here you can read some comments about it and a video about the importance of games as incentives. Sigue leyendo

Why YouTube or Delicious are not crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing has been traditionally associated with platforms like Delicious and YouTube. Thus, the term has grown linked to these “crowdsourcing” cases… the problem is that, in my opinion, any of them is a crowdsourcing platform Sigue leyendo

Quid pro quo

When discerning whether a given initiative on the Internet is crowdsourcing or not, you can analyze different characteristics. Besides, you can check if two principles are accomplished. One of them is the quid pro quo principle. Have you ever heard this latin expression? Sigue leyendo

What is crowdsourcing? Towards an integrated crowdsourcing definition

For the crowdsourcing to reach a solid theoretical base, a first step it should be taken is to articulate a comprehensive definition to distinguish CS from those initiatives that are not CS. In this post I suggest a comprehensive definition of crowdsourcing, a definition which will be published by a scientific journal shortly. Sigue leyendo