Crowdfunding arrives to the university: the Uniempren case

Many types of crowdsourcing can be used, and indeed they have been used, in government activities. However, crowdfunding was still resisting … until now. In this post I present Uniempren, a crowdfunding platform that depends on the University of Valencia and has been funded by the spanish government. Sigue leyendo

Fromlab: a pre-selling crowdfunding example

Pre-sale lending crowdfunding model, in which the funders do not receive rewards, but they buy products before being manufactured, had not yet been used in Spain… until Fromlab appeared. Here you have a brief explanation of this type of crowdfunding and a small interview (a couple of questions) to Mireia Valldecabres, fromlab CEO Sigue leyendo

Crowdopolis – an interview to David Bratvold

After the interview of the last post, in this case here you can read a small interview I’ve been able to do to David Bratvold, CEO and founder of Daily Crowdsource, and organizer of Crowdopolis. Sigue leyendo

Crowdopolis – an interview to David Alan Grier

On July 19 will take place in Los Angeles a conference about crowdsourcing called “Crowdopolis”, with great speakers like Nokia, Amazon, microtask, etc.. One of the speakers is going to be David Alan Grier, elected president of the IEEE Computer Society (among other things), who investigates the interaction between technology and people. Here you have an interview I could do because of his participation in “Crowdopolis”. Sigue leyendo