How to join crowdfunding, [open] innovation and wisdom of crowds: IBM 1×5 project

Crowdfunding is usually more appropriate for people with projects, entrepreneurs, etc.. but it is not clear how can it fit within a large company. In this post the IBM 1×5 project is analyzed, a clear example of how crowdfunding can be used within a large company and how it can be used for more than just funding projects. Sigue leyendo

Campus Labs, the Campus Party crowdsourcing initiative

Campus Labs is a clear example of crowdsourcing platform based on open innovation, in the style of InnoCentive. This platform, created by the organizers of Campus Party, has a key feature in any crowdsourcing initiative: to gather around itself a large and specalized (important in open innovation initiatives) crowd. Sigue leyendo

Crowdsourcing and Open Innovation

Another term that tends to be identified with crowdsourcing is Open Innovation. As I did with Collective Intelligence, in this post I try to clarify the relationship between crowdsourcing and Open Innovation. Are both the same? … Sigue leyendo