Gamification as motivator in crowdsourcing initiatives

Motivation is one of the key points when planning a crowdsourcing initiative. But, what if the task proposed does not have any intrinsic motivation per se? What happens if you can not reward with money because lack of resources? In these cases, if the initiative fits the requirements, gamification can be a good choice. Sigue leyendo

When the crowd is not so intelligent (part 3): Boston Marathon bombing Investigation

To end this series of posts, we examine the last of the factors that may affect crowdsourcing initiatives and a number of conclusions will be listed. Could be the motivation that drives the crowd the guilty of what happened? What do you think? Sigue leyendo

About rewards and motivation (Lessons learned I)

The realization of the crowdsourcing initiative I’ve launched, apart from allowing me to finish my thesis, is also allowing me to learn many things about the real application of crowdsourcing. Here I comment some thoughts about the rewards offered and the motivation of the users. Sigue leyendo

About motivation factors in crowdsourcing

When carrying out a task, the motivation is one of the most important factors that will condition the final outcome. Regarding crowdsourcing, the motivation will condition the outcome but also the participation in the initiative. Here I comment some motivational factors, already identified in 1976 by G. Oldham. Sigue leyendo