Using crowdsourcing for microtasking… but ¿which microtasks?

Microtasks, as I posted long before, are an easy way to start using crowdsourcing. But here in Spain these platforms never get off the ground at all. In this post I raise some explanations and list a number of microtasks that today are beign posted in microtasking platforms. Sigue leyendo

Tools for crowdopinion

Crowdopinion consists on collecting feedback from users in exchange for a reward of some kind. How can you perform this initiatives? Which tools are available on the internet that can make life easier when implementing these initiatives? Here I present three of them. Sigue leyendo

Crowdsourcing initiative by my own or using an existing crowdsourcing platform?

You have a task to be performed by the crowd, you have identified where you can find your crowd and when you get down to work, a question arises: Should I launch my initiative on a personal page or in one of the existing crowdsourcing platforms? In this post we analyze the advantages and disadvantages of both approaches. Sigue leyendo