Using crowdsourcing for microtasking… but ¿which microtasks?

Microtasks, as I posted long before, are an easy way to start using crowdsourcing. But here in Spain these platforms never get off the ground at all. In this post I raise some explanations and list a number of microtasks that today are beign posted in microtasking platforms. Sigue leyendo

The legislative situation of crowdfunding in Spain: the “Promotion of Corporate Financing” law

The Spanish government published over a week ago the draft of the law that will regulate the equity-based and lending-based crowdfunding. Here I discuss the draft, highlighting what I consider are the pros and the cons. Sigue leyendo

The ZINC SHOWER is over

The SHOWER ZINC is over. On April the 10th, 11th and 12th this meeting show was held with the presence of the most important crowdsourcing platforms from the national scene: Goteo, SociosInversores, Lánzanos, etc.. My opinion? Pretty good. Here I tell you. Sigue leyendo

CROWDFEST: crowdfunding session in Madrid

Conferences and congresses about crowdsourcing and crowdfunding are already a reality. Many of them are held in the United States, but also begin to take place in Europe (Italy, Germany, etc..). But, what about Spain? For now, none has been celebrated here, but the crowdsourcing begins to slip into other events such as ZINC SHOWER. Sigue leyendo

Analysis of the spanish crowdfunding platforms

The crowdfunding is trendy. Many people speaks about this term. In fact, of all the spanish crowdsourcing platforms, over 50% are crowdfunding platforms. But, which is the real situation? How are these spanish platforms working? In this post I raised three clear conclusions to be drawn from a brief analysis of the various spanish crowdfunding platforms. Sigue leyendo

My first crowdsourcing initiative

After much study, it is time to put everything I’ve learned into practice. Here I explain the first initiative of crowdsourcing that I’ve designed and I’m carrying out in a SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) from Valencia, Spain. Sigue leyendo