The ZINC SHOWER is over

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday of last week the ZINC SHOWER (ZS) meeting show was held, in which I was invited to participate in a round table. Because both work and family duties, I could only be there on Thursday afternoon and Friday, when I had to participate.

Despite not being there during the entire event, and removing the typical problems associated with the organization of big events like ZS (just look at the schedule, with the simultaneous completion of talks, workshops, etc..), the final conclusion is that the event has been quite, quite well.

Rubén (Ulule), Enrique Estellés (yo), Miguel (Tutellus) y Asier (SociosInversores)

The roundtable was very dynamic and speakers who participated made ​​the thing work very well. The other speakers were Ruben Gutierrez from Ulule, Asier Basterretxea-Gómez from SociosInversores and Miguel Caballero from Tutellus. Each one spoke a little about his platform and about the peculiarities of its crowdsourcing type: crowdlearning (Tutellus), equity crowfunding (SociosInversores) and reward-based crowdfunding (Ulule).

For my part, I had to make a brief introduction to crowdsourcing. Here you have the prezi I used. It is very short because the objective was to allow everyone to talk.

From ZINC SHOWER I will keep two things.

First, I had the opportunity to meet some of the people who make crowdsourcing platforms work here in Spain. Besides Rubén, Asier and Miguel, I also had the opportunity to meet Miguel Ángel, from AwarDesigns (the first creative crowdsourcing platform here in Spain). The people of Goteo also attended, but because scheduling issues, I could not hear or see them later. A pity.

I could speak for a little with Roberto Carreras and Carlos Jean, founder of PlanB and now embarked on the Coca-cola Music Experience. Together they work in a company dedicated to the world of musical creation: Muwom. I also had the pleasure of meeting Alvaro Sobrino (designer, blogger of “Crónicas de Pseudonimma” and staunch fighter towards the dignity of graphic designers work). Although Alvaro doesn’t work in the crowdsourcing business, he is directly affected by it: unwittingly, is an interested party..

Plataformas de crowdfunding y crowdsourcing durante el ZINC SHOWER

In the right picture the stands of different crowdsourcing platformas can be seen (from left to right): Vorticex, Verkami, Lánzanos and FanStylers. Although it can’t be seen, there were other stands, like the one of Tutellus and the one of Ulule.

Secondly, and I will speak about this it in the next post and I will ask for your help, being there allowed me to see that the whole conflict between designers and creative crowdsourcing still on the crest of the wave. I could realise that it affects other areas related to digital creation, not just designers.

In short, although it can be improved (what can not be improved?), the truth is that it has been very good. Let’s see if we can repeat next year.

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